Rattan baby chairsmade of natural rattan

Do you have a family clientele? Then offer seating for the little ones too. To ensure a convivial moment for families and to allow them to live and share a positive experience, the safety of the youngest, and in particular the little ones, is essential.

The children's chairs from Maison Grock are a perfect complement to your rattan furniture: chairs, armchairs and benches.

Children's chairs are subject to strict standards: stability, comfort and safety are the key words for our child-friendly seats.

To bring a design touch to these children's chairs or baby chairs designed for your outdoor or indoor use, we can personalise them in the same way as all the other rattan furniture in our collection.

Rattan chairs for restaurants
Do you sometimes have a family clientele in your restaurant but only have standard chairs to offer? Because every customer counts, no matter what their age, you can offer children's rattan chairs made by Maison Grock. Rattan furniture is the reference for decoration in brasseries and bistros but also in hotels, which remains the French elegance.
In the dining room, children are usually asked to sit on stools, which can be uncomfortable in the long run, even with the addition of a cushion. In the new interiors and terraces of cafés, hotels and/or restaurants, a rattan chair for children is proposed, so that they are as comfortable as the parents.

Discover our range of rattan chairs for children
These will enhance your rattan furniture with models of armchairs, with or without armrests, and benches. These children's rattan chairs will make all foreign tourists fall in love with their children's versions. All these models are stackable, comfortable and with a seat height adjusted for children.
We also offer high chairs for toddlers in woven rattan, with an ergonomic seat and backrest to optimise their dining experience.

Rattan furniture: French know-how
All our rattan children's chairs are light and resistant both to the weight they bear and to the heat of the heaters. Thanks to a know-how made in France and for years, a specific caning in our manufacturing plant in Limoges make the design of all our seats, an insurance and a guarantee of longevity without comparison. All our rattan chairs for children require little maintenance (soapy water and sponge) and are rot-proof, as they are natural fibres generally woven on a wooden structure.
We also present rattan chairs and armchairs for children to brighten up the interior in different colours (anthracite grey, light grey, white, brown, mahogany, wenge...), shades and finishes (lacquered, aged, patinated, varnished...) and different shapes, thanks to customisation, whether in a bedroom, a breakfast room, a lounge for aperitifs or the lounge area of your restaurant. To add a retro style or timeless design, our customizable furniture will perfectly accompany the rattan chairs for children.

Safety is our priority for our children's rattan chairs
Our rattan chairs for children are subject to strict standards such as stability, comfort and safety. They are also resistant to various treatments and weather conditions, and will remain welcoming both indoors and outdoors thanks to the quality of finish and care given to each rattan chair.